Influence of foot structure and function on performance in physical activity & sports: A collaborative research KU and Japanese universities

Kenyatta University is involved in a collaborative research project titled Assessment of Foot Structure and Function in Relation to Selected Health and Performance Related Fitness Attributes among Children and Young Adults”. The project is anchored at the Department of Physical Education, Exercise and Sports Science, in the School of Public Health and Applied Human Sciences, and brings together scholars from Juntendo University (Japan), International Christian University (Japan), and Kenyatta University (Kenya). The main objectives of this project is to explore factors that affect foot structure and function among Kenyan and Japanese children, young adults and athletes, and their potential influence on musculoskeletal injuries and /or performance in physical activity and sports. The project is expected to contribute to better understanding of factors that can lead to enhancing quality of life health and performance which is a priority area for the current governments and United Nations Sustainable Goals.

Dr. Francis Mundia Mwangi of the Department of Physical Education, Exercise and Sports Science is the lead researcher from Kenyatta University, while Dr. Tetsuhiro Kidokoro of the Department of Health & Physical Education, International Christian University in Tokyo, Japan, leads the research from his institution. Prof. Noriyuki Fuku, an Associate Professor at the Graduate School of Health and Sports Science, Juntendo University in Japan is the lead researcher coordinating different aspects of the project from his university. The research is multi-disciplinary in nature, exploring several dimensions associated with the topic, and thus bringing together wide variety of expertise such as human and exercise physiologist, sports biomechanists, psychologists and fashion design experts (dealing with use of high-heeled shoes among slim and plus-size models).   The project has so far covered presentations of related topics in international colloquium and research symposia, as well as training of research assistants on data collection procedures. “I believe this project will improve health and performance outcomes in the study population, and lead to further valuable collaborative initiatives between the institutions and the countries involved”, says Dr. Mundia.

Assessment of Foot Structure

Data collection sessions led by visiting scholars from Juntendo University (Japan) and International Christian University (Japan), who are involved in collaboration research project with Kenyatta University colleagues.

Project coordinated by 

Dr. Mundia 

Department of physical and Health Education

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