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The association of francophone universities (official name Agence Universitaire de la Francophonie – AUF) to which Kenyatta University is a member since December 2010, is in the process of restructuring in order to give more efficient and effective service to member institutions. Two major projects are proposed, namely: the establishment of a francophone employability offices (official name Centres d’Employabilité Francophone – CEF) and National Offices.

Following the signing of agreements with AUF, Kenyatta University is in the process of setting up a Focal Point office that will spearhead the establishment of the employability center. The Centre is an AUF space designed to host students, coaches, facilitators, entrepreneurs, trainers, professionals and guests. It is designed to provide accompaniment, training, certification, networking and tutoring services oriented towards the personal development of students through the acquisition of transversal skills, preparation for professional integration, stimulation of the entrepreneurial spirit and collaborative and creative work. Three main categories of services will be offered by this center:

  1. Information / Advice / Career Planning,
  2. Competency building and certifications,
  3. Networking, mobility and openness to the

In addition to face-to-face activities taking into account local needs, the CEF will be connected to a global collaborative platform, accessible remotely, which will offer integrated access to the various services and projects existing at the AUF, in several fields: digital education, employability, sustainable development,... thanks to video tutorials, trainings, webinars, online resources, internships, jobs, mobility grants, online certifications, etc. This platform will allow the sixty or so Employability centres around the world to:

  • to be in connection with the existing centers or those in the process of being established and the various users (students, teachers, experts, researchers, institutional, companies etc.) that they are online or in connected physical spaces (CNF, CEF, national offices,...);
  • to be in network with new services provided by the AUF, by its members or its partners for the benefit of all;
  • and to benefit from an environment and tools that are solidary and committed to support the sharing and collaboration of the actors of the scientific francophonie around essential themes for the economic, social and cultural development of



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