MASTERS IN LEADERSHIP AND GOVERNANCE(MLG) Department of Public Policy and Administration.

Programme Expected Learning Outcomes

  1. Produce students with transformative leadership and good governance ability in organizations both locally and internationally.
  2. Inculcate leadership values and competences at the workplace.
  3. Tap and develop talents within organizations.
  4. Develop innovative, creative and entrepreneurial leaders to serve in the public, private and civil society sectors.
  5. Produce candidates with ability to initiate an effective governance framework in organizations

 Entry Regulations

  1. The general regulations for all Masters’ degrees in the University shall apply.
  2. The following shall be eligible for registration for the MLG degree in the School of Humanities and Social Sciences:
    • A holder of a bachelor degree with at least upper second class honors degree of Kenyatta University or any other recognized university.
    • A holder of a lower second class degree of Kenyatta University or any other recognized university with at least two years relevant experience in research, administration or management.
    • Any other qualification recognized by the University Senate.

Pattern and Duration of the Programme

  • The MLG degree programme consists of coursework, examination and research project/thesis.
  • The programme will be offered in two modes, Full-Time and Part-Time, with students in both modes being required to take a total of eighteen (18) units by the end of the programme.
  • A student, who opts to pursue the MLG Degree by project, will be required to take five (5) units in the first semester and five (5) units in the second semester of First Year of Study.
  • During the second year of study, Project candidates will be required to take four (4) units in the respective areas of specialization in the first semester and undertake a research project in the second semester. The research project shall be equivalent to four units.
  • A student who opts to pursue the MLG degree course by thesis will be required to take five (5) units during the first semester of First Year of study. In the second semester, the candidate will take APL 804: (Research methodology in Leadership and Governance) and Four (4) units in the respective area of specialization.
  • Thesis candidates will undertake thesis research in the second year of study. The thesis shall be equivalent to eight (8) units.
  • The duration of the programme shall be two (2) academic years.


  • University examination regulations shall apply.
  • University examinations shall be given at the end of each semester and shall contribute 60 percent of the total marks, while the continuous assessment shall constitute the remaining 40 percent.
  • For the purposes of evaluation, a research project shall be regarded as equivalent to four (4) units, while the thesis will be equivalent to eight (8) units.
  • The duration for the University examination shall be three (3) hours per unit.
  • The minimum pass mark for each unit shall be 50%.
  • A candidate who fails to satisfy requirement 3e above may be permitted on the recommendation of the Board of Examiners and with the approval of the Senate to take supplementary examinations in the failed units up to a maximum of two units in any academic year. The maximum mark attainable in each unit examined in supplementary examination shall be 50%.
  • A candidate who fails to satisfy the examiners in supplementary examination shall be discontinued.
  • A candidate shall not be allowed to undertake either project work or thesis research prior to passing supplementary examination if any.
  • A candidate who fails more than two units in the ordinary University examinations in any one year shall be discontinued.

Core units
First Semester
AMC 800: Social Science Research Methods
APL800: Philosophies and Theories of Leadership
APL801: Organizational Management and Leadership
APL 802: Ethics and Accountability in Leadership
APL 803: Gender in Leadership and Governance

Second Semester
APL 804: Research Methodology in Leadership and Governance
APL 805: Governance, Law and Development
APL 806: Strategic Management and Leadership
APL 807: Leading Organizational Change
APL 808: APL 808: Organizational Behavior

Transformative leadership
APL 809: Team Leadership
APL 810: Human Resource Management
APL 811: Financial Accountability in Leadership
APL 812: Conflict Management and Negotiation

Governance and Development
APL 813: Theories and Principles of Corporate Governance
APL 814:  Public Governance
APL 815: Governance, Politics and Development
 APL 811: Financial Accountability in Leadership

Electoral Governance and Leadership
APL 816: Electoral Legal and Regulatory Frameworks
APL 817: Electoral Operations, Budgeting and Planning
APL 818: Political Parties, Campaigns and Political Financing
APL 819: Civic and Voter Education

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