The University Management has noted that there has been some delay in disbursement of fees from HELB for some eligible students. This implies that the affected students may not be able to beat the deadline of Wednesday, 8th February 2017 for clearing fees for 2nd Semester, 2017.
As of today, Wednesday, 8th February 2017 the University has received lists of students whose funds are being processed as follows:

  1. 1,981 KUCCPS students (batch 290) – Fees for 2nd Semester, 2016/2017
  2. 445 KUCCPS students (Batch 261) – fees for 1st Semester, 2016/2017.
  3. 1,004 SSP Students (Batch 296) – Fees for 2nd Semester, 2016/2017.

For the above groups of students, the Students Finance Section has been directed to verify their fee balances and activate their individual accounts by Sunday, 12th February 2017 to enable them register their units. However, actual payments by HELB for every individual student will be subsequently verified once the funds are disbursed to the University by HELB.
Please note that the lists of the affected students have been uploaded on the University Website for their confirmation.

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