About Us

The School of Hospitality and Tourism of Kenyatta University was founded in March 2009. It was established to cater for the ever increasing demand for further advanced training, education and personnel for the hospitality and tourism industry. The Tourism industry is one of the largest foreign exchange earners in Kenya and contributes above 10% to the GDP as well as the economy. The school began as a Department of Hospitality and Tourism Management in 2002, admitting its first batch of about 150 students at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels. During that time, it had three (3) members of staff and relied heavily on part-time lecturers for the implementation of the programmes; and only one (1) kitchen laboratory and two (2) support staff. The current exponential growth of student numbers and the diversity of the programmes have led to expansion of the school and as a result, the school’s programmes have been introduced in various Kenyatta University satellite and constituent campuses such as Mombasa Campus and recruitment of more members of staff is ongoing.

With the need to meet increasingly qualitative and quantitative needs of the industry in terms of manpower, the School of Hospitality and Tourism seeks to pursue major strategic outcomes that aim at: inculcating a culture of excellence; pursuing academic and skill-based student outcomes; enhancing a culture of innovation and creativity as well as creating programs that support professional growth as well as development of all staff and students.