Department of Geography

Academic Staff and Specialisations
The Department has a team of 21 teaching staff made up of two Associate Professors, eleven Ph.Ds and eight Masters holders (enrolled for Ph.D. within and abroad). The staff have specializations in the following areas; Agricultural Geography, Climatology, Biogeography, Environment and Society, Geographical Information Systems and Remote Sensing, Marketing, Geomorphology, Hydrology & Water Resources, Population, Settlement Geography, Tourism/Resource Management, Transport Geography, Urban Climatology and Urban Planning/Settlements.

Specialty and Branding
The Department specializes in a number of areas including Integrated Water Resource Management (IWM), Hydrology and Water Resources, Geomorphology, Climatology, Biogeography, population and Settlement and Geospatial Techniques and Remote Sensing. We have a large collection of maps that can be scanned and processed using Geographical Information Systems in the GIS Laboratory. Global Positioning System (GPS)

Research Activities

Catchments, Hydrological Processes and Water Resources, Water Resources aspects, Droughts and Floods, HIV/AIDS and Aging , Food security, Sediment and erosion processes, Hydrogeomorphological studies. Risk Management and conservation in semi arid zones. Integration of Maize markets. Equipment are available for field work. We maintain a data base of climate data and satellite images and a number of statistical software for research e.g. SYSTAT, INSTAT, IHACRES, IHFLOODS. Our focus is on environmental aspects of natural and human resources as desired in industry and society.


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