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Membership in Professional Societies

Royal Society of Chemistry
Kenya Chemical Society 

Doctor of philosophy (PhD), Food Chemistry (1996) – Dept of Food Science, University of Leeds, UK
Master of Art in Leadership (MAL), (2010) - Pan African Christian University (PACU, Kenya
Master of Science (MSc.), Chemistry (1988) - Dept of Chemistry, Kenyatta University, Kenya
Bachelor of Education (B.Ed., Sc.), (1985) – University of Nairobi, Kenya

Research focus

  • Analytical Chemistry: chromatographic procedures for micronutrient analysis, electrochemical and spectrometric procedures for trace metal analysis
  • Food Chemistry: analysis of micro- and macro-nutrients; processing procedures and their effects on nutritional and sensory values; bioavailability and bioconversion of micronutrients; food formulations and their impact on vulnerable groups such as people living with HIV and AIDS and children in harsh conditions
  • Environmental analysis: impact of heavy metals; organics and pesticide degradation

Recent Projects and consultancies

  • KU VC Grant 2014 of Kshs. 1,499,970 for one year. Title: Nutrition-Sensitive Intervention with African Leafy Vegetables to Improve Nutrition Status of School Going Children in Kenya
  • Lake Victoria Research (VicRes), 2006; research grant of US$ 150,000 for three years; Title: “Assessment of Indigenous Nutritional Food Supplement in the Management of HIV and AIDS Patients in the Lake Victoria Basin”.

Other research grants
• Awarded US$ 3,000 by Southern and Eastern Africa Network of Analytical Chemists (SEANAC) to support research of two Masters students in 2006

• Awarded US$ 2,000 by Southern and Eastern Africa Network of Analytical Chemists (SEANAC) to support research of a Masters student in 2005

• Awarded US$ 3,000 by Sigma Xi Scientific Research Society research grants of each to support research of three students in 2005

Conference Presentations


  • Nyambaka H. N., Obumba M. O. and Nawiri M. P. Effect of storage on lutein levels in smooth cayenne (Ananas comosus) grown in Kenya. Pan Africa Chemistry Network Congress 2017, held on 7-9th November 2017 in Accra Ghana
  • Muturi S.N, Nawiri, M.P and Nyambaka, H.N. Retention of extractable beta carotene from indigenous vegetables Asystasia mysorensis and Solanum nigrum in sunflower and palm oils 10th Kenya Chemical Society International Conference held on 9th -12th May 2017 at the United States International University (USIU)-Africa. (Awarded Royal Society of Chemists (RSC) poster winners’ prize)
  • Basweti K.J, Nawiri, M.P and Nyambaka, H.N. levels of polyclic aromatic hydrocarbons in water, sediment and soil from a section of River Nzoia, Kakamega County-Kenya, 10th Kenya Chemical Society International Conference held on 9th -12th May 2017 at the United States International University (USIU)-Africa. (Awarded RSC poster winners’ prize)
  • Nyambaka H, Mbakaya CFL, Bwete V, Maseta E, Waudo J and Nambafu R (2016): “Use of Indigenous Food Formulation in the Management of HIV and AIDS Patients in Kenya”, 5th European Nutrition and Dietetics Conference held on June 16-18, 2016 in Rome Italy.
  • Nawiri, MP, Hena JY Jr, Andala, DM and Nyambaka HN (2016): “Carotenoid levels, Total Phenolic Content and Antioxidant Activity Variations in Varieties of Citrullus lanatus Under Storage at Room Temperature”, Humboldt “Kolleg” 2016 Held in Naivasha, Kenya April 6 – 8, 2016.
  • Nawiri M.P, Hena, J., Andala, D.M and Nyambaka, H.N “Storing fruits of solanum lycopersicum at room temperature affects carotenoid levels, total phenolic content and antioxidant activity. NIMR 30th Annual Joint Scientific Conference 4th-6th October, 2016 Julius Nyerere International Convection, Tanzania.
  • Nawiri MP, Hena JY Jr, Andala DM and Nyambaka HN (2016): “Storage Effects on Levels of Carotenoids, Total Phenolics and Antioxidant Activity in Lycopersicon esculentum And Citrullus lanatus Grown in Mwea, Kenya”, 4th African Food and Nutrition Forum in Ethiopia
  • Nyambaka Hudson (2015). “Environmental Exposure and Feeding Habits Affects Lead Levels in Human Blood in Kenya” Presented at the 8th International Kenya Chemical Society Conference held on May 5-8, 2015 at the University of Nairobi, Kenya
  • Nawiri, MP, Nyambaka HN and Aywa K “The nutrient content in colored varieties of Ipomea batatas grown in Vihiga, Kenya. Conference on Trends and opportunities in the production, processing and consumption of staple food crops in Kenya, held at the Intercontinental Hotel, Nairobi on 25th-26th April 2013.
  • Nawiri M.P., Nyambaka, H. and Aywa, K. “Nutrient content in colored varieties of ipomeabatatas”. Kenya DAAD Scholar’s Association Conference held at Egerton University on 15th-16th November 2012.
  • The Fifth Annual Biomedical Convention: Enhancing Biomedical Research Education for National Development, held on 31st – 1st August 2012 in Noguchi Memorial Institute for Medical Research, University of Ghana-Legon, Accra Ghana. (Paper presented: Impact Assessment of Using Nutritional Supplements in the Management of HIV and AIDS in Western Kenya.)
  • The 1st PACN Congress on Agricultural Productivity: How Chemical Sciences can Help to Feed the World, held on 21-23rd November 2011 in Accra International Convention Centre, Ghana (Poster presented: The Potential use of Indigenous Vegetables in Enhancing Immunity Boasting Vitamins among People Living With HIV AND AIDS in the Lake Victoria Region: Bioavailability Studies
  • Lake Victoria Research Initiative Biennial Forum held on 9th to 13th October, 2011, Munyonyo Resort Club, Munyonyo, Uganda Uganda (Paper presented: Assessment of Indigenous Nutritional Foods Supplements in the Management of HIV and AIDS Patients in the Lake Victoria Region: Results of Baseline Studies.)
  • Lake Victoria Research Initiative Principal Investigators Workshop held on 4th to 7th September, 2011, Botanical Resort, Entebbe, Uganda (Paper presented: The Role of Nutritional Formulations in Enhancing Immunity among People Living With HIV AND AIDS in the Lake Victoria Region: Some Baseline Characteristics.
  • The 4th Africa Nutritional Epidemiology Conference Held on 4th-6-th October, 2010 at Safari Park Hotel, Kenya (Paper presented: The consumption and Nutritive value of indigenous foods in the lake Victoria region)
  • Training Seminars held between 15th June and 21st August 2010 at Novartis Institute of Biomedical Research, Cambridge, USA (Poster Presentation (19th July:- Nutrition Intervention with Vulnerable Groups and Environmental Pollution Monitoring Studies)
  • Visiting Scientist/Harvard University Chemistry Researchers Seminar held on 23th July 2010, School of Chemistry and Biological Sciences, Cambridge, USA (Paper Presented:- Studies in Environmental Pollution Monitoring and Nutrition Intervention to Vulnerable Groups in Kenya)


  • John Wakhanu , Hudson Nyambaka , Judith Kimiywe , Mildred Nawiri and Wilson M. Thagana (2019). Consumption of African Indigenous Vegetables Improves Children’s body Fat Free Mass in Machakos County, Kenya. Journal of Food Science and Engineering 9 (2019) 305-317. doi: 10.17265/2159-5828/2019.08.002
  • Echessa AC, Nyambaka Hudson, Changamu Evans (2019). Ameliorating Sisal Leaf Wastes in Purveying Plant Macronutrients. International Journal of Research and analytical Reviews, 6 (4), 87-93.
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  • Nderitu S. M, Nawiri M.P, Nyambaka H.N (2018). Fortification of sunflower and palm oils using beta carotene extracted from asystasia mysorensis and solanum nigrum Food Research Journal 1-2.
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  • Obumba M. O., Nawiri M. P and Nyambaka H. N (2017). Effect of storage on lutein levels of smooth cayenne (Ananas comosus) grown in different counties of Kenya. African Journal of Food Science, 11 (6), 178-182
  • Nawiri M.P., Nyambaka H.N. and Mobegi E. ((2017). Levels fo Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons in Water from Nairobi River, Nairobi County-Kenya. The International Journal of Science & Technoledge, 5(5), 14-18.
  • Shisia K. Silvanus, Naumih N., Nyambaka H, Andala D.M (2016). Efficiency of Fabricated CNT-IPSF/Fe3O4 Nanocomposites in Removal of Phenanthrenes from Contaminated Water. International Journal of Scientific & Technology Research, 5 (9), 83-92
  • Mobegi Erick K, Nyambaka Hudson N and Nawiri Mildred P (2016). Physico-chemical Characteristics and Levels of Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons in Untreated Water from Ngong River, Kenya. Journal of Pollution Effects & Control 4(2), 1-4 doi:10.4172/2375-4397.1000163
  • J. Y. Jr. Hena, D. M. Andala , H. N. Nyambaka1 and M. P. Nawiri (2016) Carotenoid Levels, Total Phenolic Content and Antioxidant Activity Variations in Varieties of Citrullus lanatus under Storage at Room Temperature. International Journal of Biochemistry Research & Review 9(3)
  • Wakhanu A. John, Kimiywe Judith, Nyambaka Hudson (2016) Oxalate Levels in Selected African Indigenous Vegetable Recipes from the Lake Victoria Basin, Kenya. International Journal of Agriculture and Environmental Research, 1(2) 88-105
  • Kamau, T., Nyambaka, H.N and Nawiri, M.P (2015). Understanding Geophagic Practice as a Source of Mineral Nutrients and Toxicants. International Journal of Modern Chemistry and Applied Science 2(4), 208-210

Graduated and Current Supervision of postgraduate students

Graduated (PhD)
Silvanus K. Shisia Fabrication and Characterization of Magnetoresponsive Carbon Nanotube-infused Polysulfone (CNT-IPSF) Nanocomposites for Water Purification (2017)
Meshack O. Onyambu Chromatographic Fingerprinting and Quality Evaluation for Warbugia Ugandensis Herbal Materials (2016)
Judith Munga Efficacy of Chromium supplementation in the Management of Type 2 Diabetes Among patients Attending Diabetes care Clinic, Nairobi Kenya (2015)
Chege Peter Maina Efficacy of Dried Amaranth Leaves on Vitamin A and Iron Status of Children Under Five Years in Kajiado District, Kenya (2012)
C.F.L. Mbakaya The Effect of Mega Dose Micronutrient Supplementation on Nutritional and Immunological Status of Subjects Diagnosed with HIV in VCT Centers in western Kenya (2011)
W.M. Nyamota Nutrient Composition of Hypochondriacus Amaranth Grain and Effects of its Consumption Status of Children Infected with HIV/AIDS Attending the Comprehensive Clinic at Thika District Hospital (2011)
R. Bichanga Characterization of Kenyan Honey and Design the Model for the Processing (2010)
M. Nawiri Effect of Dehydrated Dark Green Leafy Vegetables on the Bioavailability and Bioconversion of Beta-Carotene in Preschool Children (2008)
P.O. Mireji Response of Mosquitoes to Urban Environmental Contaminants (2007)

Graduated (MSC)
William. K. Munyoki Assessment of Diacetylmorphine and Selected Adulterants and Impurities of Heroin in Nairobi, Kenya (2017)
Zipporah M. Mungai Retention of Extractable Beta-carotene from Amarathus spp Preserved in Coconut Oil and Honey (2017)
Zipporah M. Mungai Retention of Extractable Beta-carotene from Amarathus spp Preserved in Coconut Oil and Honey (2016)
Tabitha.W. Kamau Quantification of Selected Essential and Toxic Minerals in Geophatic Materials in Kiambu County, Kenya (2016)
Evans C. Choi Levels of Selected Macronutrient in Varieties of Pumpkin Curcubita spp) Grown in Four Selected Districts Lake Victoria Basin (2015)
Maxwell O. Obumba Variation of Carotenoids, Total Phenolic and Antioxidant Activity in Ananas comosus from Different Counties in Kenya with Duration of Storage (2015)
John Y. Hena Effect of Temperature Storage on the Levels of Carotenoids, Total Phenolic Content and Antioxidant Activity Lycopersicon esculenium and Citrullus lanatus (2015)
Beatrice Anyango Levels of Beta-carotene and Microbial Load in Solar Dried Dark Green Leafy Vegetables of Different Moisture Content with Storage (2015)
Grace K. Abere Assessment of Levels of Active Skin Lightening Compounds in Some Facial Creams and Soaps in Kenya (2015)
Erick K. Mobegi Levels of Physico-chemical Parameters and Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons in water from Ngong and Nairobi Rivers, Nairobi County Kenya (2015)
Sabina W. Ngigi Evaluation of Selected Nutrients in Mulberry (Morus alba L) Varieties Grown at KARI Station Thika, Kiambu County (2014)
D.N. Ombuna (MSc) Anti-bacterial Activity and their GC-MS Identification in Vegetables and Lemon (2013)
E.N. Ngorwe (MSc) Investigation of the Effect of Soil Amendments Submitted thesis
On Cadmium and Lead in Tobacco Leaves in Isebania, Migori County Kenya (2013)
E.M. Silano (M.Sc.) Assessment of Heavy Metal Pollution In Soils and Water from Samburu County, Kenya (2013)
K.A. Aywa (M.Sc.) Assessment of Extent of Consumption of And Levels of Selected Nutrients in Ipomea Batatas Grown in Vihiga County,Kenya (2012)
B. N. Muthui (M.Sc.) Analysis of Sugar Levels in Honey by High Performance Chromatography as an Indicator of Adulteration (2012)
E.S. Amoke (M.Sc.) Factors Affecting Performance in Food And Beverage Craft Certificate Examinations: A Survey of Technical Training Institutions In Nyanza Province, Kenya (2012)
P.G. Kimani (M.Sc.) Screening and Partial Characterization of δ-Endotoxins from Some Local Bacillus Thuringiensis Isolates for Insecticidal Activity Against the Spotted Stem Borer (2012)
P.A.C. Echessa (MSc) Evaluation of Some Micronutrients in Pumpkin Varieties Grown in the Lake Victoria Basin (2011)
P.O. Lusi (MSc) The Bioavailability of Essential Elements in Food Formulations in People Living with HIV and AIDS (2011)
R. W. Nambafu (M.Sc.) Assessment of Bioavailability of Vitamins A, C & E in A Selected Indigenous Foods and their use in Management of HIV and AIDS (2011)
B. K. Cheruyot (M.Sc.) Determination of Levels of Beta-carotene Thiamin, Riboflavin, Ascorbic acid, and Alpha-tocopherol in Grain Amaranth from Selected Regions, Kenya (2011)
D.Z. Kadima (MSc) Determination of Essential Trace Elements in Selected Medicinal
Plants and their Concoctions (2010)
M. Muruiki (MSc) Determination and Effect of Immune Boasting Trace Elements in Indigenous Foods and their Products Used By People Living with HIV and AIDS (2009)
R. Mogwasi (MSc) Effects of Environmental Exposure to Lead and Diets on the Levels of Lead in Human Blood (2009)
S. Mugambi (MSc) Effect of Using Copper Fungicides on Tomato Farming in Subukia, Kenya (2009)
S. Njoroge (MSc) Effect of Storage Conditions on Levels Of Pesticides Residues in Post-Harvest Maize and their Health Risks (2009)
N. Wachira (MSc) Determination and Effect of Immune Boasting Vitamins in Indigenous Foods and their Products Used by People Living with HIV and AIDS (2008)
J.W. Ndiritu (MSc) The Stability of Beta-Carotene in Dehydrated Dark Green Leafy Vegetables Stored in the Presence of an Oxygen (2007)
S.K. Shisia (MSc) Soil-Plant Mineral Composition in Relation to the Requirements for Grazing Cattle in Uasin Gishu District (2007)
P.N. Mwangi (MSc) Determination of Heavy Metals in Black Tea, Tea Infusions and the Effects of Citric Acid (2007)
I.W. Mwangi (MSc) Environmental Impact Assessment on the Use of Copper Based Fungicide in Coffee Farms Along Kamiti River (2007)
J. Munga (MSc) An Investigation on Glycemic Index of Local Foods and Use in Management of Diabetes Mellitus: A Study in Kisii and Homa-Bay District Hospitals (2007)
W. Manuche (MSc) Analysis of Vitamin A Content in the Traditionally Preserved Indigenous Vegetables: A Case Study of Koru Location Nyando District (2003)
Current Supervision
Peter A.C. Echessa (PhD) Formulation and Evaluation of NPK Supplementary Fertiliser from Sizal (Agave sisalana) and Livestock Waste materials
Joseph B. Skudi (PhD) Near Infrared Chemometric Models for Rapid Screening of Aflatoxins in Maize Flour
R.W. Nambafu (PhD) Effects of zinc Supplements on Serum Protein and Lipids in PLWHA in Busia County, Western Kenya (In progress)
Lubeka C. Bunyanzi (PhD) Efficacy of School Garden in Improving Dietary Diversity and Nutritional Status of Children Aged 36-48 Months, Makueni County, Kenya”
Ngorwe Evans (PhD) Effect o0f Nano-fertilizers Absorption on Cadmium and Lead, Growth Performance and Nutrient Uptake of Selected Crops”
Wakhanu J. Akello (PhD) Nutrition;Sensitive Intervention with African Leafy Vegetables to Improve Nutrition Status of School-Going Children in Kenya”
Anyango Beatrice (PhD) Efficiency of Endod Saponins-Zeolite Composite in Water Purification: A case of Ground Water Sources in Kisumu County, Kenya”
Zipporah M. Onyambu (PhD) Simulated Bioavailability studies of Vitamin A and the B series in selected African Indigenous Vegetables in Kenya”
Peter Ouma Lusi (PhD) Quantification of Alkaloids in Raw and Processed Crotalaria and Solanum Vegetables Growing in Different Agro-Ecological Areas in Lake Victoria Basin”
W.K. Kosgei (MSc) Characterization of Honey from Apis mellifera in Nandi North County, Kenya (Writing thesis)
R.W. Mutembete (MSc) Assessment of Some Essential Micronutrients is Selected Indigenous Fruits in Kakamega County, Kenya (Writing thesis)
Elias K. Karanja (MSc.) Investigation of Dithiocarbamate Gungicides and Ethylenethiourea metabolite Residues in Some vegetables from Kirinyaga and Nairobi Counties
Okindo Philemon (MSc) Effect of Different Processing and Preservation Methods on Carotenoid Retention of Selected Vegetables in Kenya”
M. N. Nyambura (MSc) Assessment of Quality of Petroleum Fuel Solid in Mombasa and Development of a Method for Quality Chech of Gasoline
Muriuki J Nyathuta (MSc) Effect od Solar Drying on Vitamins in Selected Indigenous Fruits and Vegetables Stored with Cocobut Oil Coating in Kilifi Ccounty, Kenya